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Latex IEEEtran with Ubuntu font

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I am quite fond of the Ubuntu font. It is free, easy to read and just a little bit playful. I'd like to use it for documents to give it a distinctive feel. Here's how you can use it in latex with IEEEtran, a template for conference proceedings.

You might wonder why one would want to change the font of an IEEEtran class since it is set up specifically in a way that matches the requirements that IEEE has on their submissions. They have a specific set of accepted fonts and the Ubuntu font is not one of them. However, the IEEEtran class is the prefered baseformat for papers at the CGV Department at the TUDelft as well and here we are free to change things as we like.

Normally changing a font is easy, as long as it is an installed system font. Just compile with xelatex, use the fontspec package, and us command like \fontspec{Ubuntu}, \setsansfont{Ubuntu} and \setmainfont{Ubuntu} to set the font. Well, not with IEEEtran since it specifically requires you to compile with pdflatex. 
Luckely, Sven Köhler, created a latex package that works with pdflatex called ubuntu-latex-fonts. Simply follow the installation instructions, add \usepackage{ubuntu} to your preamable, and you have the ubuntu font in IEEEtran, turning this

Into this

Disclaimer: I don't say the latter looks better. Especially of you have a document with mainly large portions of text, the original font may be easier on the eyes. However for document containing a lot of images the font gives the document a fresher feel.

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