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Hello World - Part II

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Four years Ago I wrote my first post on my fresh new wordpress blog. I planned on writing interesting stuff about webdevelopment, tinkering with arduinos and other general geeky things. However, I never really got the hang of it, partially caused by wordpress.

Ok, let's be honest, wordpress isn't all that awful. The massive amount of spam I got through it was though. Of course there are many things that could have fixed this. But tweaking an existing wordpress theme to fit your needs, meh. So I decided to build a new site that I would really feel comfortable to work with. And I have. Actually I finished the new design over a year ago. I never got to the point to actually put it live. Now it may be a good sign that I'm too busy to update my own website, but the actual reason is slightly different. I decided that I wasn't happy with the new design as well and so I decided to have another go at it.

To reminisce, here's what the old (once live) website looked like:

This is what the old site looked like

This was a wordpress theme I found somewhere back then. I wasn't fond of the colors, but I did like the slickness of it all. So I borrowed some of the ideas and went nuts on color, text shadows and transparency. This resulted in the following:

This is what the site may have looked like

Pretty wild huh? Although I think I pretty much overdid it at least a couple of times on the glowy texts I still think it looks somewhat ok. But it's lacking consistency and overall it's just to busy.

So finally I started to work on this new version of the site. The idea was to keep it clean and simple. Since the main purpose of the site is the blog it should be easy on the eyes and not too distracting. I think I did quite an ok job. In the upcoming weeks I will tweak the site where needed. Let me know what you think!

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