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About me

Hi there! My name is Cees-Willem.

Cees-Willem HofstedeIn 1999 I created my first website. With a very basic book on HTML4 I produced something that now sometimes haunts me in my sleep. Since then I've worked to develop programming skills and learned the importance of design. After some years of freelancing I was hired as a developer at Insyde webdesign in 2006. I have since worked on countless of great projects.

March 28 2014 I graduated as Master of Science at the Delft University of Technology at the Computer Graphics Department of the Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science faculty. That's a fancy way of saying I am a certified nerd.

In 2010 I started ledwork with three friends. At ledwork we develop interactive lighting systems. Our product has been showcased at the Delft science center and multiple festivals, including Lowlands and E-pulse festival. At ledwork I am responsible for all software development. One of the funnest challenges was to create a c++ framework that takes care of all "behaviors" we use in our products. This framework allows my collegues to build complex timed patterns without having to write a single line of code.

Hobbies? Sure, I have many. I've been playing guitar for about twelve years and I'm still loving it (my neighbors not so much). Since a couple of years another hobby is video-editing. I have done several freelance projects for different companies making commercials and instructional videos.

In my work, I come across lots of different topics. From general programming to advanced mathematical topics, artificial intelligence and computer graphics. On this website is a list of things that keep me busy. These range from new and interesting technologies I find on the web, projects of my own and things that just speak to me which can be of any other topic.